Thursday, June 02, 2011

kung fu hip-hop

school for chivalry...

synopsis stolen from;

"street hawker and mechanic chu dong (jordan chan) may look like just another poor joe living day to day in the big city, but he's got some mean dancing and kung fu skills to back him up. when his blind sister (wang yue) gets into an accident, chu dong needs to come up with money fast to pay for her operation. at the urging of dj tina (fan bingbing) who saw him dance before, chu dong rounds up his mechanic buddies to form a dance group to compete in an upcoming competition that offers a hefty cash prize to the winner. starting from scratch, chu dong and co. find their tempo and blaze their way through the early rounds by combining kung-fu and breakdancing. but can chu dong beat cocky dancing sensation shaoxiong (poppin hyun joon) and his well-placed connections?"

after his role as chicken in the 'young and dangerous' films and as cheung in 'men suddenly in black', it would take a lot for me to turn against jordan chan. you've probably already worked this out by the fact that i have even chosen to watch this hong kong amalgamation of 'honey' and 'step up' and probably a half dozen other street dance films which i am completely unaware of. and, beyond a couple of relatively amusing moments (some intentional, some otherwise. in fact, mainly otherwise), there's very little i can say about this film which is positive, apart from the fact that the lovely fan bing-bing is just as lovely as she always is.

being a fan of dance (yeah, i did say that) and breakdance and kung fu, i reckon there was the potential to knock out some pretty impressive or, at the very least, fun choreographed sequences here. in reality, what you get is some pretty bland stuff, with only a couple of moments that could be described as interesting. i guess it's a shame, but i didn't really expect to be surprised by this and i wasn't.

err... a bit rubbish...

the dvd is hk59 from

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