Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the green hornet

unless anyone prefers 'green bee'?

britt reid (seth rogan) is a hard partying, layabout waster and the son of james reid (tom wilkinson), a respected newspaper magnate. the two do not get on. when james dies, as a result of an allergic reaction to a bee sting, britt is left in charge of the newspaper; this is a duty he happily hands over to mike axford (edward james olmos), who has been his father's right hand man for years. this leaves britt free to track down kato (jay chou), a former employee of his father, who used to make a great coffee.

britt discovers that kato is capable of a lot more than making coffee and it isn't long before the pair of them are hatching schemes, running around town and having fun. then, when the pair kick some ass (well, it's mainly kato, but hey...) and stop a serious assault taking place, britt decides that they should team up and fight crime!

well, i like jay chou, so i was quite interested to see this. i don't mind seth rogan, although the only films i think i know him from are the two 'kung fu panda' movies. and, what i didn't realise until i was watching the opening credits, was that this was directed by michel gondry, who i like a lot. as for it being 'the green hornet', i wasn't arsed: never had any exposure to the character, barring the reference in 'dragon : the bruce lee story'.

any how, i thought jay chou did well in this; he did kinda have all the best lines, was a pretty cool cat and had the crazy martial arts skills, which did help. rogan does well as a big brash ball of brashness and, i guess, cameron diaz did okay in her role, which was little more than an excuse to have a pretty face in the film. and, thank heavens that nicholas cage was ditched in favour of christoph waltz, to play the film's baddie: chudnofsky. he is good.

over all, i found this to be a fun watch. it is a silly film, but one that embraces this and just enjoys going about its business. there's some entertaining action, fun things and clutch of chuckles along the way. it isn't going to change your life, but it will keep you entertained for two hours of it.

a bit of fun.

the dvd is £9.99 from hmv.com

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