Tuesday, June 28, 2011

attack the block

these things is out to get me, get me?

south london. after being mugged on her way home, sam (jodie whittaker) unexpectedly finds herself teaming up with the kids who robbed her, when aliens attack.

easiest intro ever.

this is a very enjoyable film indeed. i'd pretty much heard it was going to be made, then forgotten all about it, until i heard that it was getting some negative press and mixed reviews. personally, i thought it was a very enjoyable film...

the cast are all good: ms whittaker puts in a fine turn, as does john boyega, who plays the ring-leader of the kids. the rest of the yoofs also do a good job, as does the increasingly expanding nick frost and posh chops luke treadaway. as for the aliens, i like them too; nice big lolloping black furry things with big glowy teeth - what's not to like? as for the script, it is pretty damn funny and there's some very amusing dialogue indeed, it moves along at a cracking pace and entertains all the way. i did lots of laughing and thoroughly enjoyed it. well done, joe cornish.

good stuff.

the dvd is available for pre-order for £11.99 from play.com

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A hero never dies said...

Looking forward to this Dan, even more so now!