Thursday, May 19, 2011

exit through the gift shop

i used to encourage everyone i knew to make art; i don't do that so much anymore...

after starting to film anything and everything in an obsessive manner, thierry guetta finally found a focus when he met up with his cousin and started to film him at work. thierry's cousin is 'space invader', a french street artist of no small reputation. and, using this as a gateway, thierry began filming more and more street artists at work, documenting every detail of a thriving, underground subculture. still, despite finding focus and direction, thierry wanted a cherry on his cake: he wanted to meet and film banksy, who was starting to garner a reputation and seemed untraceable. it was only after meeting, befriending and filming banksy for quite a while, that the question of what was going to be done with all of theirry's footage came up: the answer was to change a lot...

so, banksy. on the whole, i really don't like a lot of his work; there's some nice design to a lot of it, but it's usually filled with trite political sentiment, which kinda makes my skin crawl a little. still, fair play to the chap, he comes across very well on this documentary (which i shalln't suggest is because he directed it) and i will say that i warmed to him, if not his art.

as a film which looks at the world of street art, the world of art and the relationship between these entities, the media and the general public, it's a great little movie and a lot of fun to watch.

good stuff.

the dvd is £4.29 from

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