Monday, April 04, 2011

the nomi song

it is very delicious...

born as klaus sperber in germany, in 1944, he moved from essen to berlin in the '60s and to new york in 1972. after some dalliances in the arts and new wave scenes, klaus performed at the 'new wave vaudeville' in 1978: heavily made up, dressed in suit with a plastic cape, he sang an aria from the opera 'samson et dalila'. from this moment on he was klaus nomi.

andrew horn's excellent documentary collects together live footage, talking heads, home movies and tv appearances, piecing together the rise of klaus from the curious looking, pasty cooking german who would be spotted around the east village, to a darling of the new wave, a backing singer for bowie on 'saturday night live' and his time with rca in europe and, ultimately, his death in 1983.

a delightfully and wonderfully freakish character, it is hard not to watch the documentary and feel great affection for klaus. his strange combination of new wave pop sensibilities, baroque operatics, heavy make-up, signature haircut and exaggerated fashionings, not forgetting his pastry related talents, all added up to make him a rather fascinating character, which andrew horn duly celebrates in 'the nomi song'.


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