Monday, April 04, 2011

a fishy story

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it is hong kong in the late sixties and a time of some social unrest, with anti-imperialism and anti-capitalism riots springing up. for kung (kenny bee), this isn't an issue; he's more focused on driving his unlicensed car, dreaming of owning an official taxi and finding himself at odds with a situation which has arisen with one of his wealthy regulars, mrs ku (josephine koo). however, when huang (maggie cheung), an aspirational stalet, moves into the apartment beneath his, kung's life might just get a little more complicated...

i miss maggie cheung. there seemed to be good decade or more where she was a regular fixture in my (cinematic) life; now, i only get to see her in old movies and it seems to be more infrequently that i watch one of those which i haven't already seen. any how, for fans of miss cheung, this film is a bit of a treat as it is lit and filmed rather beautifully, whilst she is dressed up in a wardrobe which must've made a significant dent in the budget, especially when coupled with the numerous hair styles she seems to sport. but, besides her looks, one can also enjoy her effortless transitions between the comedic, dramatic, melancholic and romantic elements of the film.

opposite maggie is kenny bee, who despite not having as fancy clothes to wear, does an equally good job. he has a good rapport with maggie and their scenes and the development of their characters are really the highlight of the film, almost making you forget the dreadful scenes of exposition which are thrown in every now and again to advance the narrative. sure, there's a couple of good scenes which don't involve conversations between maggie and kenny, or kenny and josephine koo (who is also great in this small supporting role), but there's some stinkers, which i'm happy to push from my mind.

enjoyable, with some really good scenes, but a couple of minor flaws to keep it from being a bona fide classic.

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