Friday, March 04, 2011

law of desire

are you into that?

pablo quintero (eusebio poncela) is a director whose lover, juan (miguel molina), is leaving him and heading back to his home town from madrid. one night, after attending the stage show he has directed, which stars his transsexual sister, tina (carmen maura), and niece, ada (manuela velasco), antonio (antonio banderas) stops him for a chat. antonio, in essence, throws himself wildly at pablo, who embraces the chance to keep his mind off juan, by climbing on to him; unaware that this means a lot more to antonio than one might think...

a deliriously fun film to watch. after enticing you in, it grabs hold and doesn't let go until the end. i'm tempted to say that the plot is almost an unnecessary feature and that it is simply watching how almodovar crafts each scene, each character and each line of dialogue which makes this so wonderful. still, having a narrative which slowly reveals itself to you is a good thing as well.

err... not really much more to say, except that the three leads were excellent and it's a really good film.


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