Monday, March 07, 2011

kings of pastry

icing on the cake...

in france, every four years, around fifteen pastry chefs are given the chance to be awarded with the title 'un des meilleurs ouvrier de france' or 'mof', which translates as; 'one of the best craftsmen in france'. mofs are awarded in many areas and specialities, but the focus here is on the mof for pasty and candy making. we are introduced to the mof by jacquy pfeiffer, who runs the french pastry school in chicago and is returning to his native france, having been selected to compete.

now, i really enjoyed this, not so much because of my love of patisserie, but because it was fascinating to see the dynamic involved in this event. it is not a competition; instead it is a celebration of artistry, a rewarding of those who can keep their cool on the day (well, three days) and produce something amazing. i think the attitude can be summed up by the shock and devastation which the judges feel, when one competitor's sugar sculpture cracks and collapses. that reaction, in itself, is a thing of beauty.

good stuff.

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