Thursday, February 10, 2011

police story 2

the taxpayers know police work doesn't come cheaply...

after destroying a shanty town and a shopping mall in the first film, ka-hui (jackie chan) has been put back in uniform and undertaking some less thrilling police work. but, with mr chu (chor yuen) already out of prison and his side-kick, koo (charlie cho), threatening may (maggie cheung), ka-kui is considering dropping out of the police force altogether. still, when a gang of bombing blackmailers start to cause a little bit of terror, he's back on the case and all action!

nice. 'police story 2' is one of my favourite jackie chan films and it contains what is one of my favourite pieces of fight choreography: the showdown between jackie and a selection of goons in the playground. quite frankly, it is a simply stunning display of choreographed movement, athleticism and flair. the fact that it also contains a rather amazing fight sequence in a restaurant, an explosive finale and a couple of scenes which feature benny lai illustrating just how amazing he is at kicking people. there's some cracking action on offer, but that should hardly be a surprise...

what might be more of a surprise is the more mature narrative and presentation, especially when compared to the first film. the bravado and melodrama of the first film is only ever reflected as a point of humour; my favourite example of this being the repetition of jackie's big speech about dealing with the bombers, by bill tung and then lam gwok-hung, which is really beautifully done. we also have the character of may in a much more developed form, being integral to both narrative strands and causing ruminations on the very nature of police work and the effects it can have on members of the force and those who they are close to. beyond this it is a technically better film, in terms of cinematography, pacing and editing, showing a maturing in jackie's role as director.

great stuff.

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