Friday, February 04, 2011

a personal journey with martin scorsese through american movies

the director as storyteller...

martin scorsese sits and talks about his life with movies. he talks about early, silent cinema, the studio system, westerns, gangster films, musicals; directors as storytellers, smugglers and iconoclasts. there's lots of clips and lots of talking heads and archive interviews from the likes of billy wilder, clint eastwood, fritz lang, gregory peck and frank capra. of, and it's two hundred and twenty minutes long.

sitting down last night, i thought that we might plough through one of the film's three parts but, listening to mr scorsese talk so passionately and in such an informed, knowledgeable way, is hypnotic and his enthusiasm is infectious. once again, having watched this a couple of times in the past, i am left ruing the fact that i wasn't watching it with a pen and paper, noting down a list of films i need to get round to watching.

still, the fact that i can see myself sitting down and watching this documentary again - despite it's running time clocking in at almost four hours - speaks volumes about the quality of it and how great it is to hear scorsese talk about his specialist subject.

great stuff.

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