Sunday, February 27, 2011

perfect blue

i'm really sorry...

mima wants a change of career and has decided to leave 'cham'; the j-pop group she has been with for the past couple of years, and she has a part lined up in a gritty, crime series. mima wants to leave behind her pop idol image and establish a new identity as an actress. however, mima soon finds that it is a harder transition than she imagined; not only does she find herself struggling to accept the change but, more worryingly, there's hate mail, a fake website and more dramatic actions taken by fans who feel she is betraying the image she created in cham.

i have been spending some time working my way through satoshi kon's output over the last few months and this, his directorial debut, has completed my viewing of his work. with each film, i have enjoyed his craft more and more: he has an amazing artistry to his work and his continued exploration of the blurred lines between art, fantasy and reality make for engaging features.

'perfect blue' is a really fantastic film. as a psychological thriller, it is intense and you are drawn into the world which kon creates. as a piece of animation, it is an amazingly beautiful creation, which is just visually stunning. great sound design too.

about a third of the way through, i remembered that darren aronofsky had purchased the rights to this; apparently so he could use some of the visual cues within his own work. i just read a response from a q&a where he was asked if 'black swan' was influenced by 'perfect blue'? his response was pretty much a denial that there was any influence, beyond a couple of similarities. i call bullshit: i'd say 'black swan' is a really lame adaptation of 'perfect blue', which has borrowed heavily, both in visual and thematic terms. they are both films about a young female character who takes on a new, more involved and darker role, which results in her starting to find the boundaries between her art and life blurring, becoming confused and effecting her mental health as she wrestles with the the challenge.

if only aronofsky wasn't such a hack, he could probably have made a brilliant film, instead of the piece of shit he ended up with. any how, at least we can still watch 'perfect blue', which is just brilliant.

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NyNy said...

Good review! The film is definitely a real eye opener into an idol switching careers in the entertainment industry and how some people can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy.

Would you also mind reading my take on the film and commenting? There are some things I am confused about and need answers too! Plus to me, it seems like a reflection of the industry!