Wednesday, January 05, 2011

the social network

you don't get to make 500 million omelettes without breaking some eggs...

mark zuckerberg (jesse eisenberg) was a pretty obnoxious computer geek, who was making more progress up the aspergers scale than climbing any social ladders, until he was noticed for making a website which allowed harvard students to rate female undergraduates against each other. this got him into trouble, but brought him to the attention of a couple of other students, who wanted him to build a website which would blah blah blah... who cares... really, who cares?

it would be easy for me to say that i've always thought fincher was a hack who couldn't direct a good film if he was given a script by aaron sorkin and... oh... he was, was he?

any how, i couldn't give a shit about how zuckerberg did or didn't rip-off / fuck over people in order to create facebook, especially when fincher uses two cross-table legal discussions to advance the narrative in the clumsiest, most trite fashion one can imagine. or, should i be blaming sorkin for that? i don't want to do that though, as the dialogue he wrote, which is subsequently delivered by jesse eisenberg (or, 'young zombieland', as i know him affectionately...) is the only reason to watch the film.

yup, watching young zombieland be quick tongued, yet obnoxious prick, is quite a delight. sorkin has some really cracking dialogue and eisenberg's delivery and performance is utterly captivating and magnificent. everything else in the film, apart from a reasonable turn by timberlake, is of absolutely no consequence and could easily be ignored.

i'd even go as far to say i liked this, just because of eisenberg.

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