Wednesday, January 05, 2011

the secret of kells

you can't find out everything from books, you know...

obsessed with thoughts of vikings attacking their small town, the abbot cellach has built a huge wall surrounding it: a wall and a task which he expects his nephew, brendan, to engage with and complete. brendan is, however, more interested in working on manuscripts than walls and, when aiden of iona arrives with the already legendary 'book of iona', brendan is lost to the work of ink and paper. still, testing times lie ahead and the vikings will come, but brendan has berries to collect, ink to make and a new friend in the form of the wood nymp, aisling...

a sweet, beautiful looking animation, with a story and characters i found i had very little time to care for. still, it is really nicely designed and is a very pretty watch, even if it's mixture of fantasy, celtic and christian hokum is tiresome.

okay... ish.

the dvd is £6.99 from

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