Wednesday, January 19, 2011


you're all hard on the outside, but inside you're gooey... gooey...

frank moses (bruce willis) has retired. he lives by himself in suburbia, collecting his pension cheques, which he tears up, just so he can call the company in kansas city who posts them out. well, more specifically, he calls to speak with sarah (mary-louise parker), with whom he has been establishing a rapport with and is rather sweet on. as luck would have it, frank is off to kansas city and it looks like the two might meet up for coffee.

however, things are never that simple. frank is highly decorated ex-c.i.a. operative and it seems like someone is after him: well, the three guys who turn up in his house with machine-guns are quite a give away, as are the team outside who have some heavier artillery too. still, frank still has 'it', leaving a ruined house and a collection of corpses behind him as flees to get sarah, knowing that whoever is trying to kill him is more than likely to have been monitoring his calls and will see her as a route to him. needless to say, sarah wasn't quite expecting her first meeting with frank to be inside her apartment, with him having packed a bag for her, before bundling her into a car and heading off to see if they can find out who the hell is trying to kill them and why...

and so begins a couple of hours of fun: i really, really enjoyed this. 'red' is a very nice combination of thriller, action movie and comedy, which continues to hit its marks throughout. to be honest, having heard some pretty lacklustre comments about it, i was constantly expecting it to let me down in some way and ruin what it had created at any minute; thankfully that didn't happen. instead, i got a narrative that was engaging, characters who were all extremely likeable, a stellar cast, some really nicely executed set-pieces and action scenes, plus plenty of thrills, spills and giggles along the way.

beyond willis, who is in very good form, and parker, who is an absolute sweetheart, the pair hook up with a couple of other familiar faces along their way and bump into a few more as well. morgan freeman is at his least annoying ever, whilst john malkovick is having lots of fun being an uber-paranoid ex-agent and helen mirren is probably wondering why she's never been in any other films where she gets to swan around with big guns. then there's karl urban, who i always like, as the c.i.a. operative who is leading the charge against willis et al, brian cox as an ex-k.g.b. adversary, ernest borgnine (!!!!!!) and even richard dreyfuss crops up as an arms dealer. all good. and, it certainly appears, as if everyone involved seems to be having as much fun being in the film as i did watching it.

really good fun...

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