Wednesday, January 26, 2011

pom poko

why did the raccoon fall out of the tree?

with their habitat being ever intruded into by human developments, the raccoons find themselves squabbling over land and fighting against each other. until, that is, oroku - a wise matriarchal figure - points out that the raccoons should not be fighting each other, but working together to stop the humans from destroying the tama hils where they live. when work begins on 'new tama' - a giant residential development - which threatens to all but wipe out their habitat, the raccoons turn to the ancient art of shape-shifting and begin to take action...

directed by studio ghibli co-founder, isao takahata, 'pom poko' is an enjoyable, fun watch, although one which i would find hard to fully discuss without spoiling for people who haven't seen it. as one would expect from ghibli, it is filled with a host of interesting, well formed characters, a narrative which never talks down to its audience and a host of great ideas which are beautifully animated.

if anything, it deserves attention for, in essence, being a film about a terrorist struggle against the advances of humans into the habitats of wild creatures. not your average fare and, to be honest, a film with a narrative arc that i'm sure would sit uncomfortably with some people, but it's a good watch all the same.

odd, but a good odd. i think...

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