Wednesday, January 05, 2011

mardock scramble

the first compression...

the first part of the anime, adapted from tow ubakata's 'mardock scramble' manga, directed by susumu kudo.

balot, a teenage prostitute, wakes in the laboratory of dr easter; a man who is working a little off the radar. balot was murdered by shell; a powerful and influential gambler, but she has been brought back to life, albeit as a cyborg, by easter. now, with the help of oeufcocque; a genetically enhanced, yellow, super mouse, balot is to set about bringing shell and his associates to justice.

less silly than it sounds. in fact, a lot less silly. not silly, at all...

this was a really stunning bit of anime: it looks and sounds fantastic, is beautifully designed and has a great atmosphere to it. the plot begins to grow and unravel then, just at the moment where the tension is ratcheted up, it ends. bah... a very swift sixty minutes and the first of three parts. i have pre-ordered the manga, as i want to see where this goes and don't want to wait for two more parts to be produced, although i will certainly watch them when they do...

really good.

a dvd doesn't appear to have materialised yet, but the manga (complete) is available to pre-order for a bargain price of £6.92 from

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