Saturday, December 11, 2010


there are more ways?

elling (per christian ellefsen) is moved into a state institution after his mother, who he had lived with in near isolation for forty years, dies: there he meets and shares a room with the good hearted, but oafish, kjell bjarne (sven nordin). it isn't too long before the pair strike up a friendship and then find themselves being moved out of the safety and security of the institute, into a flat in oslo, where they must learn to cope with life by themselves...

a thoroughly enjoyable and utterly charming little movie, which bubbles along very nicely. great performances from the two leads and a solid script too, adapted from the novel and since adapted for the stage. another fine example of slightly off-kilter, comic norwegian cinema. oh, and there's a special appearance by the cafe which would later crop up in bent hamer's 'o horten'...

really good.

the dvd is $8.55 from

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