Friday, November 12, 2010

the temptation of st tony

tales from the golden age...

i could write something, but the dante quote which begins the film and a one sentence synopsis from the website do a far better job than i could...

"midway upon the journey of our life
i found myself within a forest dark
for the straightforward pathway had been lost"
-dante, 'divine comedy'

"the most stupendous and bone chilling tragedy about the agony and decline of one middle-level manager"

the film is an epic, hilarious, frightening, hypnotising, beautiful, allegorical piece. i think it will probably be my favourite film of the year.

filmed with beautiful a black and white aesthetic, with incredible sound design, masterful direction and superb performances. i was blown away by this. i notice that it has been entered as estonia's submission for the best foreign language oscar. my fingers are crossed, because that will guarantee a cinematic and dvd release...


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