Friday, November 12, 2010

leap year

and the other one...

laura (monica del carmen), is lonely in the city, she's a freelance journalist with little work and even less to occupy her time when she is not working, barring her mother hassling her on the telephone. after a string of increasingly demeaning, uninspiring and hollow sexual liaisons, she ends up having sex with arturo (gustavo sanchez parra). despite the aggression and humiliation which is a feature of this sex, there is a tenderness and depth of feeling between the pair, still, one wonders if can this dynamic be taken too far? and, what's so significant about the 29th?

a challenging and brilliant piece of film making; intense, engaging, difficult to watch at times, beautiful and funny at others. a quite literally unflinching exploration of a woman who chooses to engage in a less than ordinary relationship. all credit to the two leads, who put in incredible performances.

very good.

according to the bbfc website it will be released without cuts (a surprise) at the end of this month...

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