Thursday, November 18, 2010

i will not be your friend / i am not your friend

blow your nose...

'i will not be your friend' is a fifteen minute documentary focussing on a bunch of four year old children and how they interact with each other in a kindergarten.

'i am not your friend' is, according to the director "a film of improvisations - not only from the part of the nine amateur actors, but from the d.o.p., the director and the scriptwriters as well. the story unfolded itself instantly by the reactions and ideas of actors during the 20 days of shooting and developed into what is presented to the audience. but the story perhaps is less important than the world which opens up in front of us, a taste of budapest in january 2008."

the narrative result is a series of meetings between characters who are, in some way, connected together; a shoplifting teenager with kidney trouble, the shop manager and his sales assistant who he's having sex with, his partner who has phone sex with his accountant, whose partner knocks over the teenager... and so on...

this is a really enjoyable film to watch; and, like gyorgy palfi says, 'the story perhaps is less important than the world which opens up in front of us'. watching interconnected vignettes certainly makes the film seem extremely fast paced, the short scenes drift from one character to the next and then to another character, there is a cut to an unrelated scene, which suddenly becomes related, whether situations are resolved is not important: life goes on.

the cast a crew do a great job and i can only imagine how satisfying it was to see it all come together at the final edit. a nice little experiment, made all the more enjoyable, by being very watchable even if you are unaware of the process.

good stuff.

not sure if there will be a dvd or a limited release...

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