Monday, November 15, 2010

beyond this place


christened 'ganja', kaleo la belle was born on maui, the only child of cloud rock and marjie joy; who lived as part of a collective of proto-hippies. cloud rock, once a marine, dropped out and turned on - spending the next forty years of his life stoned. when cloud rock's mother died he left maui, marjie and kaleo behind, moving to portland. not long after, marjie and kaleo left, heading to detroit to live with her parents and living something akin to a normal life.

having only seen his father a couple of times since he left maui, the thirty-four year old kaleo heads out to portland to meet up with cloud rock; the two are to head out on a cycling expedition (cloud rock being an obsessive cyclist) to spirit lake, in the shadow of mount st helens. completely unrepentant about his lifestyle and the choices that he has made in his life, cloud rock might not be the easiest father for kaleo to bond with, but this attempt makes a fascinating watch. although, i would imagine rather frustration for kaleo, for the most part.

highly entertaining... (pun intended)

not sure about a dvd or any other release at the moment...

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