Monday, September 20, 2010

monsters vs aliens

it's a boy; look at his boobies!

susan is about to get married when she is hit by a meteorite. all seems well, until her skin begins to glow, she grows into a giant. needless to say the government come and collect her, taking her to a secure facility to love with a genius cockroach who is a genius, a blob named bob, the missing link and insectosaurus...

and, it looks like susan will be trapped in this prison, until gallaxhar; a fiendish alien, sends a seemingly indestructible robot probe to earth to seek out the meteorite which hit susan. when the military attempts to stop the probe end in failure, it's to set the monsters on it!

lots of fun. lots and lots. some nice animation, good vocal skills and some very funny gags. probably funnier for adults than children, but i'm an adult, so that doesn't bother me. the line;

"oh and one other thing; the government has changed your name to 'ginormica'"

had me chuckling to myself for about ten minutes.

good stuff.

the dvd is £ 4.49 from

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