Monday, September 20, 2010

a heroic fight

murder by illusion...

hsiao long (lam siu-lau) and his father, master lin (yuen cheung-yan), help the boss of a legitimised former triad group fake his own death, in order to protect him and his family from a thai gangster who wants to ship and sell drugs through his connections.

yep, basically a taiwanese version of 'f/x - murder by illusion', which is more comedy than thriller. and, is more fun because the special effects which are employed are wu xia based, as opposed to hollywood b-movie. oh, plus there's dick wei and a bunch of fun, if overly under-cranked action sequences, choreographed by chiu chung-hing, who also wrote and directed.

oh, and it's also fun that the lead is a woman playing a man, but that this gets picked up on in a joke.

not great, but an enjoyable watch.

the dvd is hk$35 from

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