Monday, September 27, 2010


there he goes... johnny horsecock...

joel (jason bateman) is a self-made food extract magnate. despite this moderate success, he isn't happy: his relationship with his wife (kristen wiig) seems to have dissolved to the level of them simply being housemates and his employees are a little less than competent. still, he has his best friend dean (ben affleck) to give him less than good advice and ketamine. although that was an accident.

speaking of accidents, when step (clifton collins jr) - a floor manager wannabe - loses a nut, he decides against suing joel, but the influence of a charming, yet criminal drifter, cindy (mila kunis), means that joel has something else to deal with...

oh, i'd like to say that this is really great and a stunning return to form for mike judge, but it just isn't. at least, it's much better than 'idiocracy', although that isn't to hard to achieve.

basically, bateman is michael bluth and this is a sub-standard episode of 'arrested development', stretched out over eighty-five minutes. there are a couple of laughs and it is just about a watchable diversion. hardly glowing praise, but that is all it warrants. at least it is a little step, back in the right direction, although i'm not sure how much longer people are going to keep giving him money to make films.

another positive is the quite likeable ben affleck; not a phrase one often reads. his likeable quality is, however, overshadowed by the majesty of gene simmons; playing an ambulance chasing lawyer with incredible hair. he is the stealer of the show. oh, and another negative is the fact that i felt a little bit sick all the way through, as a result of frequent references to step's accident. ouch...


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