Saturday, August 07, 2010

running out of time

hidden war...

when a master criminal, cheung (andy lau), pulls a job at a small time finance company, he specifically requests that inspector ho (lau ching wan) is the negotiator he speaks to. cheung only has a couple of weeks to live and has decided to draw ho into a game he is playing with some gangsters who have a rather large diamond in their possession...

man, this was fun. johnnie to, in full on tongue in cheek mode: there's the super slick crim, the clever, maverick cop, the put upon, moaning, shouty boss and so on. as each scene plays out, to seems to twist and mock the conventions of the two sides of the same coin, cop / crim dynamic; there's twists and turns, lots of over the top set pieces. all good.

andy lau is great as the dying criminal, carefully choreographing his moves and those of the people who he draws into his game, whilst lau ching wan is the ideal choice to play the cop who pits his wits against lau.

great stuff.

the dvd is hk$59 from

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