Tuesday, August 17, 2010

lara croft tomb raider : the cradle of life

what's pleasure without pain?

chen lo (simon yam) and xien (terrence yin) are tomb raiders, who have stolen an orb, which is actually a special map, showing the way to where life began. unfortunately, the film isn't about them: they stole it from lara croft (angelina jolie) and she wants it back, so she's coming to get it, with her ex-con side-kick, terry (gerard butler), hopefully before the evil jonathan reiss (ciaran hinds) can get it and wreak havoc on the world!!!

well, as much as it was nice to see simon, terrence and a tiny role for richard ng (yay!), i got to see my second angelina jolie film and my first gerard butler one: i shall now endeavour to continue to ignore their work, accordingly.

so, this is shit but, slightly less so than the first film, although i did stop paying any attention when there was about half an hour to go and focussed on stitching up a rug which was falling apart. i think my favourite bit of the film was where jolie and butler landed in what looked like part of the pearl river delta, before they jumped on some motorbikes and ended up riding along the great wall of china - over a thousand miles away - they soon arrive at the camp of the baddies, do their shit and head off, passing a sign which says "shanghai 74 miles" - if it said '740 miles', that would be closer to the truth. what's strange, is that this isn't mentioned in the 'goofs' section on imdb, but the fact that they're in causeway bay, in hong kong, and head up a sky scraper which is actually in central - a whole mile away - is: go figure...


the dvd - a double-pack with both films - is £4.99 from play.com

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