Friday, June 18, 2010

dark habits

do you have anything a little stronger?

after delivering heroin to her lover and seeing him die, yolanda (cristina sanchez pascual) flees the scene and ends up taking refuge with a group of nuns, the mother superior (julieta serrano) of the convent having once professed to yolanda's singing. when yolanda arrives, she soon realises that the order of the humiliated redeemers is a little strange; their mother general has passed away, the convent is crumbling, heroin is available, one sister has lsd inspired visions and with names such as sister rat and sister manure, they embrace humility to an exaggerated degree...

apparently almodovar has distanced himself from this, since he says that he had to compromise what he wanted to achieve. it certainly is a little tamer than than 'pepi, luci, bom', but there is still a nicely outrageous quality to it and it carries some hallmarks, which would later adorn his productions.

the film, being his first fully funded production does seem like a tighter, closer production; although that might just be as it all takes place in the convent? hmmm... any hoo, the ensemble cast, especially the nuns must have had a lot of fun playing their roles and they are quite a lot of fun to watch. a slightly absurd film, with more formative traces of almodovar sneaking in.

pretty good.

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