Saturday, November 14, 2009

slovenian girl

i have a lot of time...

aleksandra (nina ivanisin) or sascha, is a student from a small town, who is living and studying in ljubljana. she is also 'slovenka' (slovenian girl); a call girl. when one of her clients has a viagra induced heart attack, the press and police begin to search for her, but she seems to be avoiding any nasty entanglements, until she has a run in with a couple of men who want her to "work" for them. with the threat to her now becoming more immediate, life and keeping up payments on her new apartment become a struggle. luckily, she still has a father (peter musevski), who is always pleased to see her...

now, this was better than i expected. it could've just been one of those films where lots and lots and lots of bad things happen to someone; their life spiralling out of control in a over-blown and melodramatic fashion. now, there's a couple of moments like this, which make one feel rather anxious, but the pudding is never really over-egged. and, the depiction of the relationship between sascha and her father, is so strong that it really raises the whole film.

pretty good.

there may be a dvd and a limited cinematic release in the future.

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