Thursday, November 12, 2009

pomegranates and myrrh

in every pomegranate there is one seed that comes from heaven...

kamar (yasmine elmasri) and zaid (ashraf farah) have just gotten married. they live in palestine; kamar is a dancer and zaid owns and runs a small farm which produces olives and olive oil. when, during an evening of celebration the harvest, israeli troops wander on to their land, claiming they have a confiscation order, a small scuffle ensues. zaid is arrested and taken away, to "administrative detention".

now, kamar must struggle with trying to keep the farm and gain freedom for zaid, but also with the distraction of a new choreographer from beiruit, kais (ali suliman), who takes a shine to her.

well, this is an interesting enough story, but it ultimately left me a touch cold. i just felt my usual level of annoyance and displeasure directed towards the israeli administration and their nazi-esque behaviour. and, i also felt for kamar; having a husband who seems to ignore her feelings from the minute they are wed, to having to cope with the childish behaviour that kais exhibits as he makes his advances.

watchable, but not a great film.

not sure of plans for future releases.

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