Wednesday, November 04, 2009

martial angels

incidentally cat meets pretty octopus who is one of the 7-cat-burglars 7-cats.

seven girls, raised in an orphanage, become 7-cats; a team of crack cat-burgling criminal types. although, having partially disbanded, cat (shu qi) calls upon the rest of the group to help her undertake a job, stealing a piece of software to exchange for the life of her kidnapped ex-boyfriend, lok (julian cheung)...

now, i quite like crappy films. this, however, is just a little too crappy. if it had been made in 1991, instead of 2001, then it may have been a classic; as it isn't, it has nasty stylisation and crappy action sequences, with a couple of questionable special effects thrown in.

the positives are shu qi who is, of course, lovely. then there's sandra ng, who i always like; especially here, as she's playing opposite (mainly trying to seduce) an emotionally stunted wong jing, who i seem to enjoy a lot more in front of the camera, than behind it. i suppose kelly lin, teresa mak, rachel ngan, rosemary vandenbroucke and amanda strang could also be listed as providing some kind of positive contribution to the film as well...

and, then there's terrence lin, who indulges in a bit of light hearted sexual assault...

pretty poor.

the dvd is currently out of print.

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