Saturday, November 07, 2009

art & copy

just do it...

doug pray takes a look at post war advertising in the usa; mainly focussing on the effect that the pairing of copy-writer and artistic director had on the industry. whilst talking to some major players, a guy whose family has been posting billboards for around seventy years and looking at major campaigns, the film also throws in some stats about the money spent on advertising and the reach of it.

now, if like me, you're someone who quite likes a good ad campaign, but still thinks that advertising / marketing types are kind of c***s, then this film may not sit too well with you. sure, doug pray has a talent of putting together a very, very watchable 90 minutes of film but, in reality, this is an extended advert for adverts, with very little dissension involved.

watchable, but i wanted more...

the film should hit dvd next year.

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