Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the wrestler

party like a fireman!

randy 'the ram' robinson (mickey rourke) is a professional wrestler whose star has faded. no longer is he in the big leagues, but instead he ekes out a living performing in town halls and similarly mundane locations. he struggles to pay the rent for his trailer and spends most of his spare time in a strip bar, where he attempts to woo his favourite dancer, cassidy (marisa tomei). struck down with injuries and health problems, randy begins to think more about his place in the world and attempts a reconciliation with his estranged daughter, stephanie (evan rachel wood).

well, when it comes to darren aronofsky, director of one of my least favourite pieces of cinema ('requiem for a dream'), i just don't get the fuss, although i still haven't gotten round to watching 'pi' or 'the fountain'. maybe i never will. any how, after winning many plaudits for 'the wrestler', i thought i'd give it a watch.

it is, to all extents and purposes, a by the numbers tale of an ageing sports star, who is clinging on to one last shot at glory, because he's pretty much screwed up everything else life has to offer to maintain his career. there are no surprises here, nothing but a straight forward tale, which plays out exactly as you expect it will.

rourke's performance, which won him a sympathetic 'best actor' oscar nomination is solid enough, but serves more as a reminder of just how badly one can age. on the other side of the coin, although i wouldn't say that the 'best supporting actress' nomination for marisa tomie was more deserved, the recognition of her work is. oh, and she also serves as a reminder of just how well some people can age...

average mediocrity...

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