Sunday, June 14, 2009

manon des sources

i'm wary of a poor girl who reads books...

it is ten years after the events that occurred in 'jean de florette'; ugolin (daniel auteuil) and le papet (yves montand) have been using the now unblocked spring to irrigate the farm which they bought from under the cadoret family, after the tragedy which struck them. they are now successfully growing carnations and making good money as a result. with papet urging ugolin to marry and keep the family line going, ugolin finds himself becoming enraptured with manon (emmanuelle beart); the daughter of jean, who now lives in the hills around the village, tending goats...

manon, however, is repulsed by ugolin and, knowing of his part in the downfall of her father, she plots revenge; blocking the source of water for the entire village. with this act, tensions begin to run high and old rivalries come to the surface, with accusations being made against ugolin and papet. will manon finally get justice for jean?

well, if you can watch this film and not fall in love with emmanuelle beart, then there's something wrong with you. auteuil is also rather magnificent, but in a very different, quite scarily obsessive fashion; yikes, that's not what you should be doing with a ribbon.

claude berri continues the story of life in provence, with the darker undercurrent that contrasts with the seemingly idyllic location. this half of the story is just as rich, just as beautiful and just as tragic as the first, as well as being just as rewarding.

a great pair of films...

the dvd is £14.99, as part of 'the claude berri collection', from

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