Wednesday, June 03, 2009

the counterfeiters

stripes are very flattering to the figure...

salomon 'sally' sorowitsch (karl markovics) was the king of counterfeiters in 1930s berlin. after being arrested and shipped to a concentration camp, sally manages to eke out a slightly less horrific existence than his co-detainees, working on portraits of guards and murals. still, he is set to be transferred into comparative luxury, when the nazi regime pick him to join a specially assembled team, who are to set to work on forging american and english currencies, as part of a new strategy. a moral dilemma, if ever there was one...

well, for a film which took the 'best foreign language film' oscar, it is not that impressive. the true story, based on the account of the adolf burger's account of 'operation berhard', is quite a fascinating tale, however, it doesn't really translate to a cinematic narrative that is thrilling and engaging, despite a few dramatic liberties being taken. that's not to say it's a bad film, it's just an okay one.

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