Monday, June 29, 2009


this has been a rough year for you...

in 1958, the japanese antarctic surveying team had to abandon their research base at shouwa. after retreating to the soya icebreaker, weather conditions forced the team to retreat even further, taking the difficult decision not to return to the station and retrieve the fifteen sakhalin huskies, who had been left chained up outside the station. it would be almost a year until the handlers returned to the shouwa station, thinking they would be burying all of the dogs they left behind, but amazingly two brothers, taro and jiro, survived the long antarctic winter and greeted their handlers...

a really nice piece of cinema, from koreyoshi kurahara, telling the story of what may have happened to the dogs over the eleven months they had to fend for themselves, whilst showing ken takura (as one of their handlers) as he attempts to cope with the guilt and anguish he felt at having left them behind; doing all he can to get back to antarctica. a really good watch, although maybe not one for younger children who love doggies, and there's also a soundtrack from vangelis, which is rather nice too.

good stuff.

the dvd is hk$39 from

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